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Miss Polka Dot











Here we Go!!! Look at her! isn’t she stunning!

Hurray!!! I am so proud, this is my first doll!

That’s it, I’ve come past my fear of failing and actually got my acts together and did it.

I love my Miss Polka Dot.  She can sit too, doesn’t she look gorgeous and neat?

She’ll be well loved with her new mum: my best friend’s daughter will be delighted to have her.

Merci Charlotte pour les photos.


Ok, this is how it all started.

My really good friend and I were just chatting away about our wonderful children… (lol) as we mothers do all the time. And she tells me her 7 year old daughter doesn’t own any kind of doll what so ever, no fluffy toy , no Barbie nothing.

That conversation with my friend had stoke a chord in me. My own daughter had Barbie dolls, somewhere in a box that she never opens, she has numerous fluffy toys, a few teddies and more but doesn’t actually own a doll.

Knowing how specific my friend is with her children’s environment, I started to research doll making.

How scary that was to me back then!

One day, by pure luck, I stumbled upon a doll’s body already made! All that was missing was the head and the limbs. Piece of cake right? heuuuu… NO! not really!!! “How am I supposed to do that? Where do I start?…”

My dear friend google came to my rescue and familiarised me with doll making ways… This is how the doll with the black polka dot dress was born.

My daughter’s birthday was around the corner. I had to make her a doll quickly! I was flirting with the idea of making one for my friend’s daughter, so I had to make one for my own daughter ‘s birthday which is 2 months before my friend’s daughter’s!

I had to psych up to it. I was a bit scared and very well under experimented!! I had to work fast. There was so much to learn though…

A few days before the big day I chickened out and the whole family went to the shop to “adopt” Annabelle. That was the best I could do with the time I had left.

I wanted her first doll to be right. she had to be cute and lovable and I knew she had fallen for that one on the shelves.

As I was working along trying to make my first doll with a body that I had found already made, Annabelle benefited from my sewing skills and ended up having a few little outfits.

I also built a special desk in my daughter’s bedroom, with shelves underneath for Annabelle’s bedroom, and even made her own cosy bed with matching night dress.

My little girl was in heaven!

I could now focus onto the next project: making a doll from scratch!

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