Rainbow Lorikeet rescue

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To avoid having birds living on our deck and messing it, a few years ago, we decided to drop nets all around restful sanctuary with wooden floor boards.

It is a rather large area and birds used to find refuge, perch and even race each other, flying straight through it.

Last year we had a Willy-Wag-Tail building his nest under the centre of the roof, right above the table! We were lucky to watch the 3 eggs hatch and become courageous little birds.

But this time wasn’t so happy. A Rainbow Lorikeet caught one of its legs. We threw a towel on him, this allows the bird to calm down and not die of a heart attack. It’s also easier to remove the net that way without injuring the beautiful bird and without getting nipped!

Once free from the net, we unwrapped its body and took a photo. But my hold was to gentle and before I knew it, the loose towel gave him enough freedom to fly away. He was so fast!


I rescued a cockatoo once, caught in the net that was covering a vegie garden.  The amazingly powerful beak attacked my finger and there was no way for me to get it back!! I had to keep the bird entertained with my imprisoned finger to take the attention away from the towel coming to land on him. That is an excellent trick. It worked wonders. As soon as the big white bird was in the darkness of the material, he just released my so very sore finger. Bleeding and swelling, months later,  it ‘s still carrying a scar!


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