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French Paradox

 How to stay slim on a no-deprivation diet?

The “French Paradox” has been studied by scientists for at least 20 years, and many theories have been debated as to why the French are healthier and thinner than Americans for example, yet, in the US, the population is perpetually dieting, consuming greater amounts of low-fat, low-calorie, and low-carb foods than the French.


Here are the French Women secrets to slimness:

1. Rigorous portion control: Studies found that French portions were, on average, 25% smaller than those in the US. You can eat what you love, but in moderation.



2.  Quality, not quantity: Food is sacred, instead of inhaling a burger in two minutes flat, the French enjoy their fresh food. They savour it. Good food is extremely important to French people.



3.  East slowly: Savouring food is essential. Also, in France eating is an extremely social affair – meals can last for hours as bits of news, gossip or political debates are exchanged around the table. Fast food and take out are therefore uncommon. Eating slowly also allows your stomach to send signal to your brain once you are full. By eating slowly you avoid over-eating.



4.  Don’t be lazy: Take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. French women may not like gyms, but they are naturally active. Also, most family spend time cooking their own meals, using fresh products. Eating healthy un-processed food is made a priority.



5.  Make Lunch your biggest Meal: French people eat 60% percent of their day’s calories before 2 P.M. This leaves time for the body to process and digest the food properly, and it also helps avoid mid-afternoon cravings.



6.  No Snack culture: The French snack on average less than once a day.



7.  Eat breakfast & avoid skipping meals



8. And finally, “French women refuse to accept being overweight“, says Benchetrit, director of the Clinique du Poids (weight loss clinic) in Paris. “It is no secret that they want to be beautiful, in love, and take care of themselves so they look good.”


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