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Depending on where you stand,

you might be looking forward to a whole pudding or just half one!!

Change your positions sometimes,

you might see things differently

Where has love gone?

Has love really disappeared?

One has to wonder where it’s gone though.

Over the years I’ve learned to tune out of my television watching. Ocasionally, when I return to it, I see all the pain it’s inflicting to the world. Why is there so much violence in cartoons? Movies? talk shows?…

Could we use the media to teach the values of love again and drag people up from their rainy days, up towards their forgotten burried warm heart loving places?

Where is the love gone? I ask myself why is it so hard to feel that strong, deep, true love again ?

How come we have to reach out and expose ourselves to receive it? Is there anything in the world more beautiful than love? Pure and simple words (said or kept in). Even acts can carry so much power to our hearts , yet, we seem to have lost our touch with our natural instincts. We keep it all to ourselves. Are we scared of giving for the pleasure of making someone happy? How much does it cost to draw a smile from a tense unknown face we cross everyday?

Giving love is free, and is the most precious present one can give. We could all use a friendlier face. Maybe we’d have less wrinkles if we didn’t look so serious and frown so much all the time! lol… One can always hope .

Christmas is coming, regardless of our believes, today is a great day to start making the world a warmer place.

Can we change the world today?

Well, I can’t do it on my own. and it won’t change in one day.

It is changing a bit more with every breath we take, not always in the way we’d like though…

But I truly believe we can all work together to make it a better place.

One can always try…

Shall we?

The white stuff

LET’S call him Curtis. Three days a week he gets into his small unmarked truck and drives to a farm somewhere in Western Australia.

There, he fills a tank with about 250 litres of a substance that has been banned from human consumption because, authorities warn, the bacteria in it can cause illness and possibly death, especially in pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. Curtis drives his truck back to Perth where, at a few designated drop-off points, mothers and children are waiting. Waiting for their man, with bottles to be filled from his refrigerated vat of bacterial soup. Right out in the open. Everyone can see them scoring their fix in those stark Perth suburbs of limestone walls and searing light.

by: Mark Whittaker                                 From: The Australian                        December 10, 2011

Travelling Back

Depuis mon plus jeune age, maman a toujours emplit des carnets de voyage a chaque nouvelle aventure.

As far as I can remember, mum has always covered pages on her travelling diaries with the details from  each new adventure.

De quel virus ai-je hérite ? Celui de voyager ou celui de noter mes découvertes?

Which virus did I inherit from her? The travelling bug or the writing of my discoveries trance?


Voila que dans un vieux carton oublié, je retrouve mes livres de bords…

Here they are, in an old forgotten cardboard box, all my travelling diaries.

Voyons voir… Je m’installe confortablement et me laisse happer par la curiosité de re-découvrir ces endroits merveilleux sous un regard nouveau, plus mature peut être…

Humm… let me see… I need a comfy spot. The curiosity of re-discovering all these marvellous places I once visited, with a new eye, more mature maybe, is sucking me in.

Quel bonheur de revoir le monde avec les yeux de l’innocence!

Oh, what a delight to see the world with an innocent eye again.

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