Cultivate Love


You think you’ve got it, you sit on it for a while and tend to let life take over it.

Then one day you wake up, and you realise it’s faded away… quietly… day after day… without noticing… a bit more with each slack minute you’ve wasted not cultivating it…  until you think it’s gone …

Then, a tragic event happens, something that takes IT away from you and totally freaks you out. “What if I had lost IT?”

A radical shift occurs in your heart. Suddenly, just when you thought that’s how things were now, you feel pain, it hurts! You’re scared you’re going to lose it again. That’s when your priorities find their right place. Your values take centre stage again. You gather strengths and energy (that you thought lost forever) to build that strong powerful feeling , almost an urge to take care of that amazing growing love…

“Nothing else will ever matter as much any more”, you promise yourself.

But… are you still living up to it today?


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