Love yourself

Do you remember that sweet feeling of love as a child?

When we are a baby, we  get so much handling, caressing, cuddling , attention, care and love… (I used to have my babies 24/7  with me, in contact with my body/skin…)

Then we start to lift our head on our own. Our head doesn’t get as much attention any more: it doesn’t need a loving supporting hand to hold up.

Our back is next to become stronger, mum/dad doesn’t sit us on their hip/lap any more, we can sit at the baby chair or in a pram. We still get plenty of attention because we still need help getting in and out for  a little time…

The next thing we know , we’re on four legs running around through the adventure park that home is.  More freedom… less physical and eye contact… less attention.

And one day, we stand! Soon after that we walk on two legs now, we can start talking and communicating more clearly… Our loving care takers give us even more freedom. We do get the occasional piggy back to get from A to B, or when we fell asleep in the “wrong” spot, even a cuddle or two for having fallen over, bed time is another hug opportunity… but it’s getting scarce!

As we grow older , we become more and more independent. With this new freedom comes the counteraction: we need less help.

By the age of 10 we all pretty much end up spending the whole week without even a cuddle!

Gradually, unnoticeably,  we have learned to forget about how wonderful we are. We’ve come to accept our condition.


But we all still want to feel loved. We need to see it. Life without it is so dull.


The best way to start bringing love to ourselves  again is to actually love who we are. We are worthy of being loved!

We need to consider what we have that makes us unique and learn to appreciate our differences.  We have to accept what makes us who we are today.

What do we have that is so wonderful? If it is buried deep down, how can we bring it back to the surface ? Maybe now is the time to look further into ourselves and find all the little hidden treasures. We were born with them, they are in us, somewhere, we just need to retrieve them from our furthest memories…

Look around, how many people truly love us? Why do they love us? Because they can can see through our carapace and they love what they see and what we don’t see anymore. We need to have a closer look at ourselves, through a different perspective. What do we bring to our environment ? Who can we make happy today? How do we do it? There is, at least, one thing in us that is uniquely beautiful, and we have to fetch it out again.


Let’s not be afraid of the power within us.

Let’s release it and show ourselves who we truly are. Then, all we need to do is sit back and rejoice for we have found the key to open the many doors that lead to people’s hearts.


We only need one last little push of help: Because people live to fast, no time for anything anymore…

You want to feel love again? Go and ask for it. You feel hurt, frustrated, tense, angry, sad, happy… turn to your closest family members or friends and ask for a hug. You deserve to be supported and loved.

We all do have the right to be loved.


As my daughter says:

“Mom, you need a hug. Come here, I’ll give you one.”


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