Over the limits

In the past 24 h, my limits have been challenged.

With every painful second came a sense of victory: I conquered my limits, pushed them over what would have seemed sensible a while ago.

How did I put myself in that situation? mmm, good friends, I guess , and an enthusiastic spirit of hope for a cure…? (lol)

The company was excellent and I must say, what ever you want to go through life with needs a great choice of human kind around you! lol . Because when all comes down hill, you really want to be near good people. I can’t thank my friend enough for pushing my buttons constantly. This week-end was hell, and many thanks to her( I really mean that), I know I’ll never put myself in that situation again! lol. I will stay in my comfort zone

If there ever is a next time, I will walk into it knowing full well my own boundaries and sticking to my feelings by not going over them again. I will be in more control because this experience has allowed me to explore who I am when facing  a straining (body and mind) situation. Straining for me, but not for all. We all have different phobias and limits and I am so grateful for the people I spent this week-end with , for their generous intelligence and for having accepted me for who I am.

I am also very proud of myself for

  1. having survived the past few hours without being a pain to my  entourage and
  2. still remaining grateful for being given the opportunity to face my own fears.

Gotta look at the bright side of life hey…



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