To Lend Or Not To Lend ?

One would have to wonder what is the best behaviour from a parent towards their child when it comes to lending them our belongings…
When I was 10, I was given a box of 24 colouring pencils. Excellent brand , they were so smooth to use…

I made numbers for them so they would always find their spot in a shading rainbow like arrangement. I don’t remember having a case at all for them but recall clearly taking them out and displaying them neatly on the table prior to using them, always following the numbers. They always had to be in that order. I didn’t like people touching them and always made sure I was the only user. People, drop them, forget to bring them back, let alone put them in the colour order!!

Now, being a mother of two, I’ve had to go through the dilemma: “lend or not to lend”… ?

I did. I did lend them my pencils. I waited 10 years though… just to make sure!! lol

They loved them right away and quickly became  their favourite for they are so great to use, excellent quality.

For 20 years I have kept my best pencils in great shape ( some of them would only be 5 or 6 cm long only!), my rubber collection was still in its special case,  and many other fantasy stationary items…

It’s been one year now and only 1 is left! The grey one.

Today… they’re all scattered, lost , damaged, broken… Who knows what happened?

Now what did I teach my children by doing that?

What did they learn?

“You’ve learned to not lend us your stuff mum” said “big chérie”

What did I learn?  Never to expect anything from people.


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