How to burn water, new recipe: Steamed carbon flavored water


Water, fresh raw vegetables


A saucepan (or two if you’re really hungry) and its colander.


Fill up the saucepan with water, put it to boil.

Then cut and prepare some beautiful veggies, pour them in a specially adapted colander and click it on top.

Walk away.

You see… that’s where you really have to be careful, because if you stay around, you might be tempted to check and then you’ll ruin my recipe. So, you really have to make sure you walk away.

And for a long enough time too… not just a quick one… go and start something else, in fact that is the key… lol

Only come back when someone else asks you if something is cooking. Then you just pretend you don’t know what they’re talking about. Wait a bit more for them to be more precise: “mum? Is there something burning?”

“Oh… huuuu… that’s right, I was cooking wasn’t I?”

Oups… I did it again!! lol

Three pairs of eyes leaning over: The saucepan’s bottom is all black and thick.

“But mum..? How come this is all burnt but you only had water in there?”

“Darling, well, that‘s how you really burn water!”

Little one is giggling: ” Yeah, that’s why the Polish people used to say you even burn water mum!! “

I hope you enjoy my collection of ruined pans! lol

‘gotta look at the bright side of life always,

who wouldn’t like a collection of burnt pans? lol

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