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Le Chocolat… The sweetest sin

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Dès que je le vois, je suis attirée.

J’aime son apparence, il est brillant et humble a la fois.

Son odeur est enivrante.

Il m’appelle…

Aussitôt que je m’approche, il n’y a plus que lui et moi, sans rien autour. Le temps s’arrête, le calme qu’il m’apporte comble le vide en moi. Je ne pense plus a rien que ce désir de le sentir fondre entre mes doigts puis dans la chaleur de ma bouche.

C’est divin.

Mais il n’est pas bon pour moi.

Enfin… pas bon…

A peine a-t-il disparu que je pense aux séquelles irréparables qu’il laisse derrière lui.

Quand on y a goûté on n’est plus jamais la même personne.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”

Abraham Lincoln quote.

American 16th US President (1861-65), who brought about the emancipation of the slaves. 1809-1865

Chateaux de sable, Sand Castles

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Illness Etiquette

Once upon a time, when the children were quite little, we were invited for a birthday party. We arrived to find our hostess in the kitchen, baking, cutting up fruit and presenting the large variety of food on numerous plates, covering the whole kitchen bench and more.

What a sight!

Awesome effort!


But what a shame…

You see, as she is preparing the food, she explains that she had been up all night with a vomiting toddler. Two of her other children had been sick all week.

ALARMS went on. I need to have a word to the girls before the food is presented to them but still have to maintain a polite attitude towards my dear oblivious friend.

Even though I have seen it all before over the years, I still can’t help wondering why anyone would welcome us and many other families into their home with a contagious bug …

As  well as being exposed to open air and potential gastro germs, countless flies were having the party of their life, feasting on the delicious treats our friend prepared with love.


I quickly assessed the developing situation and as usual, decided to talk to my children; “Ok, girls, please don’t touch any food. I am sorry but the people here have been very sick and they are preparing the food without washing their hands, flies are covering the mouth-watering dishes and I really don’t want you all night”.  “oh… went the disappointed little faces again…ok  mum, we know, it’s always like that anyway…”

Amazing children… Only 4 and 5 years old back then, but already , they’ve learned to trust me against all temptations…


Back to the kitchen, I decided to minimize the damage and pulled my sleeves up to save as much of the regal as possible. My family was safe, but I felt highly responsible for the health of the other guests.  My friend hadn’t had a break yet, she was so busy, the bags under her eyes told me she could do with a hand.

As soon as I knew I could trust my children to look after themselves I could focus on my friend. Automatically retreating to politeness position, I decided to look only at the major task my friend had taken on, I couldn’t help forgiving her and feeling sorry for the amount of work this reception was representing.

We ended up having a great time in her kitchen, chatting away as mothers do…

The party went on, the food platters disappeared one after another. Some guests went home with extras. We managed to not touch any of the food without being noticed. We’re getting good at this game. The girls don’t even see the treats and little “bouchees” anymore. They know better.

Soon it was time to go and after the usual goodbyes and waving at the car windows we drove home with half a smile the face. We made it and hopefully we have been cautious enough to still be fully healthy in the morning…

Even though we love these people very much we were unable to relax and fully enjoy their beautiful natures.

Even my young ones understand the concept of respecting people. When they get sick, I try to keep them on track, and they listen because they know it is important, they care about others. Little children forget quickly but putting a hand over the mouth when sneezing quickly becomes second nature and is common sense for most adults. So why does one not apply this to everything else.


Now, back in my home country, it’s not much better: we kiss everyday! For saying hello, and good-bye. It is compulsory. It is rude not to do so.

Hold on, I am talking with family and friends of course. We don’t just go up to strangers and give them kisses on the chicks for the sake of it!! Lol

Anyway, this means that even if you are sick, you are expected to kiss people around the room! How about that for a silly culture hey? You could as well advertise on the street: “please walk in for your dab of free gastro today”!!! lol


Now, there is a major difference between catching a gastro at the park and catching a gastro because one of your dear acquaintances has knowingly invited you into her contagious environment.

On the other hand, after having to cancel many parties or play dates over the years, I realized that more and more of my friends had started to do the same now. They don’t feel rude anymore, and have learned to respect my issues with germs even if they don’t understand it!! Lol

I am very grateful and feel privileged and lucky to have such wonderfully understanding friends.


Well well…
Now …  remind me …  what was the password for again? Oh dear me …

A password for this, a password for that… here, there, everywhere passwords…
(Just like Mac Donald’s farm’s song!! lol)
We live in a password galore world:

  • Banks,
  • mobile phones,
  • computers,
  • emails,
  • blogs,
  • websites,
  • doors,
  • suitcases,
  • answering machines,
  • school portals,

Which ones did I forget?


How does one remember so many different passwords?

I probably have about 30 passwords. Honestly, although I am pretty good most of the time, I occasionally mix them up and forget because not a single one is the same as another! Trial and error usually get me through when I’m stuck. I guess practice would help too! lol

Practice is always good, for anything.



” Today I will look at life in a different way”

If today is your birthday, this affirmation is for you.

Valentine’s day

Now, who says if you don’t get a card, or a box of chocolate or whatever… on Valentine’s day , then your partner doesn’t love you??


If  I ever get all these materialistic proves of love (flowers, chocolates, jewellery, or even a new washing machine!!! lol ok, that’s less romantic…) on Valentine’s day, that’s because my partner is with the wrong person! He doesn’t know me or maybe he never took the time to know me enough to not make these mistakes.

No one is to tell him when he should “love me” more. There shouldn’t be a set day for that. We love differently every day and love is a serious enough matter to not force it down with some commercialised guilt.

I’d hate my husband to go and buy me some cut flowers because someone said on the 14th of Feb’ we all have to. Love should be celebrated everyday in simple forms:

It could be:

-listening quietly when one or the other needs to talk

-picking the soap up in the shower

-getting 2 cups out of the cupboard and making coffee for 2

-calling in the middle of the day just for a chat

-quietly getting up every night to nurse a crying baby (to preserve the other’s sleep)

-taking the bin out (swapping chores)

-cooking a meal to give her a nice break

-changing the toilet paper roll

-giving your partner a cuddle for no reason

-Comforting the other one when he/she is feeling a bit blue

-giving space to each other

-making sure you don’t pull the doona at night

-mowing the lawn so he doesn’t have to do it

-expressing breast milk so he can feed the baby too

-allowing him/her to just take off for several hours and have fun (with friends, doing sports, on his/her own…)

-putting the toilet’s lid back for your girlfriend, partner, wife…

-buying him/her favourite drink

-gently closing the bedroom door after you in the morning to let him/her sleep in

-picking up the dirty socks in every corner of the house (and garage! ha ha)

-washing each other’s hair in the shower (or rubbing his/her back in the bath)

-taking the shoes off in the house so her cleaning lasts longer

-giving a nice relaxing massage

-saying sorry when you bump or tread on the other one

-inviting all his/her friends for a special boys/girls night

-handing out the remote control… (oh, I know I’m pushing it now!!! lol)

The list is non exhaustive of course, your imagination and feelings can lead you easily in the right direction if you love someone enough, then you’ll know what to do.


Personally, what touches me the most is free, but it requires thinking, heart and effort. Although if you need to make an effort to do it, you’d better not do it, because it isn’t done from the heart then…  😉


But I did enjoy my flowers on the ,breakfast table. He had gone around the garden and fetched whatever he could that resembled a flower. And that… is priceless.

How complicated is a woman… lol


“Giving is its own reward”

If it is your birthday today, this is a positive affirmation for you.

Roasted Chicken

Roast Chicken with sweet potatoes, potatoes, butternut pumpkin, onion, garlic and “steamed” zucchini.

Poulet avec papates douces, pommes de terre, citrouille, oignons et gousses d’ail au four, et courgette vapeur.


Life is all about choices:

I choose how I aboard the different chapters of my life.

I choose how I take it (I choose to be happy, sad, frustrated, content, calm, strong, kind, generous…).

I fix my own limits.

I choose my friends, how much of myself I can give them.

I choose, not anyone else, not events, but ME.

Because I am in control and no one can tell me how I feel or what I think or want to do.

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