How to toilet train a chicken

Hi there,

Today, my daughters came up with this amazing idea: “Let’s toilet train the Silkies!” (You know, the fluffy bantam sort of chickens)

So they gave it a fair go… First of all, you have to get the chick to understand the concept, and at such a young age I can tell you it’s not innate! You have to show patience… Then you need to get the steps right: first you put one leg on it and then lift up for the second one to come up and rest nicely on the side. No jumping around, we’re educating elite chickens here! (giggles)

So you see, the concept is excellent. It’s all a mater of finding the appropriate size though. The children have just found the perfect dunny:  “Loving family” toilets are exactly what we need at this stage for our day old Silkie chickens!

We’ll have to upgrade when the chicks start growing, which I guess would be everyday… And before we know it, they’ll use our toilet! We’ll have to teach them to flush then, and wash their feet too.

But, that’s another story hey, one thing at a time right?



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