9 Today! Hip Hip Hurray!!

Today is one of my God children’s birthday.

He is a very special child: very lovable and easy to be drawn to. We live a long way away from each other, be it geographically or emotionally. I don’t know him much. I wish I could get to know him, I’d like to understand his differences, his likings, his views on things and people, his understanding of the world, what he likes doing, where he likes to be or go… We had some special time together a few months back and we were able to make connections, for  few seconds at a time. He is smart, and kind, actually no, he’s not just kind, he is especially very sweet.

The journey he’s taking his parent through is a tough one. I have the utmost respect for both but his mother especially. She has been and is still going through all the dilemmas mums go through, and will still keep going when we won’t have to any more.  Like many mothers she has given herself up, and more, for her children. She is highly inspiring. She is the best mum he could have hoped for.

We often take goodness for granted and sometimes we need to stop and watch the bigger picture, look back and appreciate what others do for us. Everyday. After day. After day… Mothers are amazingly underestimated but I believe this beautiful boy is who he is today because of the guidance of his parents, his mother…

I still remember my first connection with him. We had gone for a walk, just the two of us.  I was surprised his parents encouraged me to take him away by myself. I didn’t know what to expect. They trusted me, they trusted him. I had no idea what I was doing, I was scared. He wasn’t. He didn’t know me, we had seen each other a few times over the years but he had never really met me before. When we walked out, he reached out for my hand. That was it, that was the moment.  My heart melted.

I was told he was a good walker, it was true. Despite his young age he was quite happy to just walk, talk, laugh… I let him choose the way, asking him where to go, left or right? He wasn’t sure so we just kept going where ever his pace was taking us, without thinking… it was very interesting. Soon we  found the dead leaves on the road side were crackling under our weight… it made music… that was it! He glanced at me, like only he can do, and let me in… for a few seconds I felt connected. Music connected us. It seems to play a very important part in his life. We are both melomaniacs.

Today I wish I could be with him just for an hour, to celebrate his 9th birthday with a play of his choice.

Happy birthday Petit Prince!

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