Happy Drums


  1. Posted 7 May 2012 at 22:38 | Permalink | Reply

    love the spiritual element to it. great picture.

    Mark Blasini

    • Posted 7 May 2012 at 22:58 | Permalink

      Thanks Marc, yes, it was just oozing out, screaming for a picture. Sorry I can’t bring you the smell and feel of the air, that was definitely adding to the experience. To me, the happy drum doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as a hung drum but this pretty fairy was so into it she made me totally forget what she was playing with. Very skilled. It must be the heart and passion she’s poured into it. Which just shows that if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Doesn’t really matter what quality instrument you play. There is a wonderful Japanese man (Dc Suzuki) who said : “Strings have no soul. They can only sing the heart of the one who plays them.” I guess that can be applied to any instrument.

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