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” I am powerful and inspired and enjoy getting my life in order”

If today is your birthday, this affirmation is for you.

Swell Festival 2012

The love cats




The love cats

Currumbin   SWELL   Festival



“I act appropriately on my intuition”

Happy birthday to you!!!

“I look inside myself and I see unlitless love, joy, beauty and light”

Happy birthday to you!!!

Wonder Tales of Earth and Sea by Jenni Cargill

(Ages 4-9)

“With her infectious enthusiasm storyteller Jenni Cargill draws children into the exotic world of story; adventure stories, a dreamtime story, participation songs, and wonder tales from many corners of the earth and even the depths of the sea!” — Back cover.


Libraries Australia ID  22731455

This item is currently out of stock

Winner of the National Library of Australia’s Special Award
Entertain the kids in the car, before bed, school holidays.
– Any Time! You might even enjoy listening yourself!
The art of the bard or storyteller is very much alive and well with this sparkling collection of tales and songs. Weaving together traditional, modernised and original stories, to captivate the imaginations of children and their grownups, tale weaver and singer Jenni Cargill will take you to worlds full of wonder and adventure.
The recording is beautifully produced by multi-talented musician and composer Ian Blake, who plays no less than eight acoustic instruments- from lyre to ukulele, from banjo to shakuhachi. Ian has been involved in over 20 albums for children.

“I am being of coulour, light and creativity”

Happy birthday to you!!!

Our Beautiful Children

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Red Bottle Brush Fire

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Fun Facts 1

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