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Maths game

Today we just finished the maths game!

My little one layed out the rules and instructions for the game, I added my ideas. And we worked together on the making.

We used simple natural materials of course, cotton and my inevitable favourite: wool. This involved measuring, counting, sewing, wet felting, dry-felting and assembling. The only down side was for the making of the cards: we had to use the convenient modern world’s technology: the computer, the printer and the laminator. ;-(

Of course the decoration side of this project is non exhaustive and never ending!! I added some trees again this morning and also made some chance cards. All the pockets aren’t used, which means we have room for more “counters”/ players. I also need to add some buttons for carrying without dropping the cards or dies.

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My children have already had a game. They had a ball!!! It has been a long time since ” petite chérie” laughed so loudly with all her might, freely and excitedly! You know that laugh that comes down from deep down the tummy somewhere from the rib cage…

We looooove maths in our family, always have  and always will. Why? because it doesn’t matter what language you do maths in:  2+2 always = 4! lol

The Christmas Fair

This was an end of the year school market project.

The children had to organise a stall with articles they had made.

They learned all the stages from the idea to seeing the final product:

Planning, buying the materials, organising, making, cutting straight, using the sewing machine, re-threading it and all, pedal controlling for sewing speed, hard working, involving time, keeping at it, finishing the project, arranging the table for presentation, calculating the correct pricing, selling, counting  the money back and making money!! (hopefully!! lol)

How much fun !!!

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