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Love Heart in my poached egg ;-)

Love in my poached egg😉

Flowers for Christmas

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When I was a child I believed…

Long before babies were born with Iphone implants,
Long before you could do your grocery shopping with interactive glasses,
Long before you could have a video conversation from Sydney to Paris on you watch,
Long before digital televisions,  Long before remote controls,
Long before computers and even wire less home-phones were invented,

I believed that people that I was watching on TV could also see me!

The Real Mary Poppins in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney

Nowadays you can do a video conference with anyone, anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.  🙂  Does that make me a visionary person?  😉  Well, I guess it only makes me old !! lol
Other people said they believed they could…

  • Walk on water with floaties.
  • Turn milk into butter
  • flap my arms and fly.
  • Hide (from Mum) behind the toilet.
  • Make milk by crunching grass and earth, just like cows do.
  • fly with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.
  • fly flapping my arms.
  • ” I could make milk by crunching grass and earth together , just like cows do.

What about you?

What did you believe when you were a child?

The Smokers Lounge

A friend sent me this photo of A CEILING MURAL painting IN A SMOKERS  LOUNGE...
If you ‘ve never smoked or quit smoking, you probably have a comfortable smile on your face. Congratulations!
Bravo a tous ceux qui ont arrêté de fumer!

Sunset at the beach

Swell Festival 2012

The love cats




The love cats

Currumbin   SWELL   Festival



Our Beautiful Children

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Red Bottle Brush Fire

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What do you see?

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