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Ma derniere creation

My Baby Dolls

Here they are: a little collection or “Waldorf” inspired baby dolls.

As much as I could I used the sewing machine for the  stitches along the material. But everything else was done by hand of course. The stuffing is naturally 100% wool, it feels and smells better! Wool is my favourite for anything. Aren’t they cute all together.  They are so much quicker to make than a shaped doll, and so much fun to make! I can’t wait to find the time to make some more… But what colours, there are so many to choose from?

Where are these ones going to next?

First Waldorf Dolls

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Of course, these three dolls are stuffed with pure 100% clean wool.

The soft cotton structure is actually all shaped. Then, I have slipped on a cotton skin. It was all worth the efforts because it is more appropriate for older children, it makes the doll less baby like and more like a doll.

Hours of work!

But here they are, my two “Little Prince” for my twin nephews  and a beautiful girl doll for their older sister.

My concept of having a Waldorf doll is that:

Once they’re ruined, it means they’ve done their job in the child’s heart.

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