Kitchen drawer

The top kitchen drawer hides a woman’s life.


What lives in that ever-so-handy piece of furniture?     How many times a day do you need to open it?

Are you sure everything inside is where it’s supposed to be?      Does it all belong there?      How often do you actually use every single item?      Is their place in the top drawer justified?

In my case, I removed all the plastic bits. Anything plastic. And only kept one note pad and one pencil. The candles and lighters went in the last drawer, with other candles, matches and party stuff. I’ll deal with it later!! lol

Do I really need 8 nut crackers? lol. The band-aids went in the “pharmacie” box. The chop sticks and stickers went to the craft box for the children, along with many rubber bands.

Do we need 4 can openers? We hardly ever eat cans anyway! lol

And corkscrews? How many does one need really? Hard to believe that I only drink water!! lol

I had so much fun looking in that drawer. You should try one day.


What about you? have you looked in your top drawer and found some odd bits that had gone missing for ages? Tell us about it, or even better, send me a picture to publish!

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