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Well well…
Now …  remind me …  what was the password for again? Oh dear me …

A password for this, a password for that… here, there, everywhere passwords…
(Just like Mac Donald’s farm’s song!! lol)
We live in a password galore world:

  • Banks,
  • mobile phones,
  • computers,
  • emails,
  • blogs,
  • websites,
  • doors,
  • suitcases,
  • answering machines,
  • school portals,

Which ones did I forget?


How does one remember so many different passwords?

I probably have about 30 passwords. Honestly, although I am pretty good most of the time, I occasionally mix them up and forget because not a single one is the same as another! Trial and error usually get me through when I’m stuck. I guess practice would help too! lol

Practice is always good, for anything.



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