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“Today I will treat others as I want them to treat me”

If it is your birthday today, here is a birthday power thought for you.

“My life is a reflection of the positive choices I make”

If it is your birthday today, here is a birthday power thought for you.

“I take time to renew myself in silence”

If it is your birthday today, here is a birthday power thought for you.

“I can achieve anything if I really want to”

If it is your birthday today, here is a birthday power thought for you.

How to charge an Ipod with Fruit

Valentine’s day

Now, who says if you don’t get a card, or a box of chocolate or whatever… on Valentine’s day , then your partner doesn’t love you??


If  I ever get all these materialistic proves of love (flowers, chocolates, jewellery, or even a new washing machine!!! lol ok, that’s less romantic…) on Valentine’s day, that’s because my partner is with the wrong person! He doesn’t know me or maybe he never took the time to know me enough to not make these mistakes.

No one is to tell him when he should “love me” more. There shouldn’t be a set day for that. We love differently every day and love is a serious enough matter to not force it down with some commercialised guilt.

I’d hate my husband to go and buy me some cut flowers because someone said on the 14th of Feb’ we all have to. Love should be celebrated everyday in simple forms:

It could be:

-listening quietly when one or the other needs to talk

-picking the soap up in the shower

-getting 2 cups out of the cupboard and making coffee for 2

-calling in the middle of the day just for a chat

-quietly getting up every night to nurse a crying baby (to preserve the other’s sleep)

-taking the bin out (swapping chores)

-cooking a meal to give her a nice break

-changing the toilet paper roll

-giving your partner a cuddle for no reason

-Comforting the other one when he/she is feeling a bit blue

-giving space to each other

-making sure you don’t pull the doona at night

-mowing the lawn so he doesn’t have to do it

-expressing breast milk so he can feed the baby too

-allowing him/her to just take off for several hours and have fun (with friends, doing sports, on his/her own…)

-putting the toilet’s lid back for your girlfriend, partner, wife…

-buying him/her favourite drink

-gently closing the bedroom door after you in the morning to let him/her sleep in

-picking up the dirty socks in every corner of the house (and garage! ha ha)

-washing each other’s hair in the shower (or rubbing his/her back in the bath)

-taking the shoes off in the house so her cleaning lasts longer

-giving a nice relaxing massage

-saying sorry when you bump or tread on the other one

-inviting all his/her friends for a special boys/girls night

-handing out the remote control… (oh, I know I’m pushing it now!!! lol)

The list is non exhaustive of course, your imagination and feelings can lead you easily in the right direction if you love someone enough, then you’ll know what to do.


Personally, what touches me the most is free, but it requires thinking, heart and effort. Although if you need to make an effort to do it, you’d better not do it, because it isn’t done from the heart then…  😉


But I did enjoy my flowers on the ,breakfast table. He had gone around the garden and fetched whatever he could that resembled a flower. And that… is priceless.

How complicated is a woman… lol


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