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My Baby Dolls

Here they are: a little collection or “Waldorf” inspired baby dolls.

As much as I could I used the sewing machine for the  stitches along the material. But everything else was done by hand of course. The stuffing is naturally 100% wool, it feels and smells better! Wool is my favourite for anything. Aren’t they cute all together.  They are so much quicker to make than a shaped doll, and so much fun to make! I can’t wait to find the time to make some more… But what colours, there are so many to choose from?

Where are these ones going to next?

Maths game

Today we just finished the maths game!

My little one layed out the rules and instructions for the game, I added my ideas. And we worked together on the making.

We used simple natural materials of course, cotton and my inevitable favourite: wool. This involved measuring, counting, sewing, wet felting, dry-felting and assembling. The only down side was for the making of the cards: we had to use the convenient modern world’s technology: the computer, the printer and the laminator. ;-(

Of course the decoration side of this project is non exhaustive and never ending!! I added some trees again this morning and also made some chance cards. All the pockets aren’t used, which means we have room for more “counters”/ players. I also need to add some buttons for carrying without dropping the cards or dies.

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My children have already had a game. They had a ball!!! It has been a long time since ” petite chérie” laughed so loudly with all her might, freely and excitedly! You know that laugh that comes down from deep down the tummy somewhere from the rib cage…

We looooove maths in our family, always have  and always will. Why? because it doesn’t matter what language you do maths in:  2+2 always = 4! lol

Blue Sac-Doll

As usual this little cuty-pie is filled with natural pure wool. It smells wonderfully sweet and is warm and soft as… a must have for little children.


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So… here I am. My daughter’s laughing on the bed with Annabelle. The reality of her features is so freaky that we always think someone is in the room when we walk where she is!!

Now, for my friend’s daughter’s doll, knowing how specific she is with her children’s environment, I had to get better than Miss polka dot. I am very proud and really love her but it had not been all made from my own hands.  So…  it wouldn’t suit.

I decided to make another one from scratch this time. I had an idea of the colours the little girl liked but was stuck for what seemed weeks looking for wool fibre for stuffing. For some  odd reason I didn’t know where to turn… As the birthday was approaching, I started to panic you see… I had to stuff it with what I could find: …   polyester… ;-((((

But finally, 36 hours later, spread over 2 days (and night!!)  Rose was born.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a doll, now I don’t have to” were her words when she received it.

I wasn’t sure how to take this. My first impression was that overwhelming warmth coming from within my heart. ;-)

But then I thought I might have actually stopped her from learning … ;-((

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