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When I was a child I believed…

Long before babies were born with Iphone implants,
Long before you could do your grocery shopping with interactive glasses,
Long before you could have a video conversation from Sydney to Paris on you watch,
Long before digital televisions,  Long before remote controls,
Long before computers and even wire less home-phones were invented,

I believed that people that I was watching on TV could also see me!

The Real Mary Poppins in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney

Nowadays you can do a video conference with anyone, anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.  🙂  Does that make me a visionary person?  😉  Well, I guess it only makes me old !! lol
Other people said they believed they could…

  • Walk on water with floaties.
  • Turn milk into butter
  • flap my arms and fly.
  • Hide (from Mum) behind the toilet.
  • Make milk by crunching grass and earth, just like cows do.
  • fly with an umbrella like Mary Poppins.
  • fly flapping my arms.
  • ” I could make milk by crunching grass and earth together , just like cows do.

What about you?

What did you believe when you were a child?

Plastic report



The Great Pacific Garbage Patch



Can we change the world?

HELP !!!

Our Beautiful Children

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Red Mushroom in Paper Bark Tree

Queensland, Australia.

Japanese and Friends Festival

Travelling Back

Depuis mon plus jeune age, maman a toujours emplit des carnets de voyage a chaque nouvelle aventure.

As far as I can remember, mum has always covered pages on her travelling diaries with the details from  each new adventure.

De quel virus ai-je hérite ? Celui de voyager ou celui de noter mes découvertes?

Which virus did I inherit from her? The travelling bug or the writing of my discoveries trance?


Voila que dans un vieux carton oublié, je retrouve mes livres de bords…

Here they are, in an old forgotten cardboard box, all my travelling diaries.

Voyons voir… Je m’installe confortablement et me laisse happer par la curiosité de re-découvrir ces endroits merveilleux sous un regard nouveau, plus mature peut être…

Humm… let me see… I need a comfy spot. The curiosity of re-discovering all these marvellous places I once visited, with a new eye, more mature maybe, is sucking me in.

Quel bonheur de revoir le monde avec les yeux de l’innocence!

Oh, what a delight to see the world with an innocent eye again.

Fort Boyard, Atlanctic Coast, France

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